Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bla Bla Bla ... Read This Post If U Wish To.. :P

Assalamualaikum...hello there !!
Oh...i've been gone from here for a while...have no time at all to blog anything..

phew maaan.... time do really flies so fast !! 

I can't even think properly these days since I'm having lots of stuffs n stuffs n stuffs n stuffs n stuffs...
(too many that my head can't even arrange any special words that is more suitable to say that..pathetically, my vocab has also started to decline, I noticed that.. omg !! hope that my ability to speak won't vanish in 2 or 3 years time from now..huhu :(

ok..back to business..em..actually, there's nothing much happened around these routine went on as usual..nothing special to babble about..em, I just wanna share my kind of interest towards entertainment...I don't really have specific interest on what kind of songs that I like to hear, but mostly range in pop or pop rock songs and sometimes jazz..can be techno n dance but depends on the mood... but, no rock or heavier than eminem, no linkin park, no no songs can be sweet but i just can just endure taylor swift n carrie underwood for the moment..i mean, the modern country music...can't even imagine how real country songs sounds like, lol, but for the moment, they sounds fair, not bad...em..ballads can make my mood swings, depends on the songs...passionate for mariah carey mostly...haaaah..just beautiful the way she sang the high notes n all...but, actually I don't really care bout what kind of songs that I like..for me, as long as they sounds good to my ears, I enjoy them... :)

Yeah people, I'm so positive that all of u are also have ur own choice of entertainment in general, for songs some of my friends, they're happy with k-pop boy group like Beast(B2ST), Super Junior, Infinite, Big Bang, SHINee, TVXQ, MBLAQ, U-KISS, bla bla bla..I don't know all of them but these are like quiet popular among my colleagues..and some other more female k-pop sensation like T-ARA, KARA, Girl's Generation(SNSD), Lee Hyori, Hyuna, bla bla bla.. and talking bout k-pop, ahh..some may think I'm a bit outdated cuz I'm not really into this k-pop thingy but I thought Big Bang is okay...I like them becuz they look like my type n kind of guys that I want to date..hahaha

* so random, lol <3* And SHINee oppas are really cute to be my type of the way, I like them also... <3 lol <3

Haha..ok..ok..em, one thing more..I'm actually a big fan of JoJo or Joanna Levesque..what? never heard that name? yeah, I know..she's not that popular  nowadays n sounds so underground or something like that...but, if u do have the same opinion like me (try to hear to her when u're on Youtube..) I think she's the best female singer that I've ever heard in my 20 years of living...I'm kinda addicted to her voice becuz everything she sang sounds amazing n perfect to my ears..the high notes, even the lowest notes that seems impossible, she can brought them so well..perfect score from me every time she sings..flawless !! but, I'm just curious, why this person is so underrated. I think (in my personal opinion..sorry..) she's far way better than Spears, or GaGa, or Gomez or whoever you might think..she deserves the fame n to be adore like some other female's not like she don't have the looks cuz I think she looks gorgeous compare to some other famous female singers alive...and she's composing what she sings !! most of her songs I knew, she composed it herself according to her interest n her life.. if that's not enough to be called as talent, I don't know what to say anymore...come in with the perfect package, with good looks n wonderful voice, she can dance too !! n I tell u what, she got swag..(haha, fevret Bieber quote ! ) 

She's like a hidden gemstone among the dust n the mud yet still undiscovered..I do really hope that singer like herself, with this rare, natural gift n talent could shine so she could claim her fame someday...she's been in the industry for too long to not to be noticed like Bieber n this point of her emergence, she should be famous n well-known around the world for her great talent..but, seems like she's not yet that famous..yeah, I knew this girl n have been trailing after her songs since I was 11 or 12..n my first favourite songs of her, n still listening to it till like after 8 years now, was "Get Out (Leave)" and "Too Little Too Late"..she's kinda sweet n young at that time..and now she's a grown up..and so do I...her not so very new song, "Disaster", is always be the song that I picked if I go karaoke..*haha..I did sound like a slaughtered cat when I sang that,lmao..tiring !*  

I'm now 20 n have been growing up listening to her..yet..I'm still wondering why..and why..and why she's not well-known enough...n don't tell me u may dislike her bcuz she looks or acts or even sounds like a slut or a bitch..(now yeah she's grown up girl not like once an adorable teen what do u expect? ) while u can still like GaGa?? eventhough she's way far too weird with her freaky fashion bla bla, or maybe Nicki Minaj?? that always used filthy words in her songs n i can say, a Barbie-wannabie ?..ohh please, if u do like Bieber, he's just a kid, full of gossips between him n Gomez..n that Gomez was nothing before she dated that boy... =_=" *oh plizzz...* and some other singers that becoming popular effortlessly, just stray gossips n a little bit of sheer luck..It's not a sin to like them bcuz it depends on people's worldwide favourite, but I'm just saying, it's waste if u don't enjoy the real talent that i talk about..I'm the only one that knows her songs sometimes cuz some of my friends did not even know or have been heard about her...there's a mistake somewhere that why JoJo is still unrecognizable :(

Sorry, I'm a bit out of trail just now..haha..sorry people, don't sue me ya for my 'over-confidence-deadly-n-die-oh no way' statement just now..huhu...ok la..before it's going too deep and somebody might get hurt later, I'm gonna stop here and say sorry if I've hurt somebody's feeling..just wanna stand up for my favourite all-time singer JoJo n with that, I'm gonna put in some MV of her that I used to hear n always be my jam...enjoy !!!

"Get Out(Leave) - JoJo"
her first single released, she was just <3

"Baby It's You - JoJo"
second single feat Bow Wow :)

"Not That Kinda Girl - JoJo"

 "Too Little Too Late - JoJo"
The High Road Album 

"In The Dark - JoJo"
The "Can't Take That Away From Me" Mixtape

"Disaster - JoJo"
Another Hit Single from her..

and the newest I found, is from her latest mixtape, is this one :

"Andre - JoJo"
The "Agape" Mixtape


#hihi..sorry to all cuz i got this blog entry kinda bit off the trail n ridiculous..just want to share sometimes bout my passion..#

Thanx if u still dropping by, see u'olls ya in another post !! 



Sunday, 17 March 2013

On my BEST DAY !!! :)

# Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh........

Hello guys !!!
Jumpe lagi hari ni dalam keadaan yg sihat walafiat..Alhamdulillah..

As for me..I have turn 20 (.....T_T"....) officially on the last 14th March...hihi..^_^
can consider me an adult now !!

--> Terima kasih ibu, yang telah melahirkan saya dan membesarkan saya dengan penuh kasih sayang serta perhatian...terima kasih kerana memarahi saya kerana saya nakal dan terima kasih kerana memanjakan dan mencukupi keperluan anak perempuan tunggal ibu yg sorg nih..terima kasih :)

Haaaaa..mai sini..chek nak habaq apa yg jadik waktu bezday chek hat kemaqin2 tuh..(mod utaqha..haha..)

I thought this year's birthday was one of the most precious birthday in my was the second time I celebrated without my family..huhu.. but with a bunch of my 'the best n the kraziest' friends !! LOL <3 luv u guys..

And..this birthday..yeah..on my best day, I thought it had become the worst day cuz we had to jump into the sea...again...for 2 weeks in a row..( for the sake of our basic navigation n seamanship's practical class !!)

Hahaha..just being annoying..actually, it's not that bad..I kinda enjoyed my jump (actually, I did it twice !!) eventhough at first I thought that I was going to be drowned n swallowed by the sea..glad that I'm still alive and sane to blog this thought..hahaha... *I shared my scary thought on my last blog post..hihi :)

I don't really have many pictures, since all of us jumped in n nobody snap the pict...(keterujaan memuncak seiring adrenalin yg menyebabkan mabuk laut..) but I have some, the one that my friend (Ayesha) kindly uploaded it on my fb wall..(thnx to Ayesha n permission to share for my blog post..)

cantik kan...this one, kasut for divers.. :)

sebelum buat btol2 dalam laut..ktorg buat atas jeti namanya..em..ntah la..
tapi bulatan ni dibuat utk memudahkan pasukan penyelamat nampak
mangsa yg akan diselamatkan dari atas...(ni praktikal life saving kan..)

dalam praktikal ni jgak, we were tought on how to use the ring lifebouy
for saving the man overboard.. n these are my friends, aarston n pez...
( kapten bujang yg cool kat belakang :) )

lepas abis baling lifebouy..( bnda oren tuh berat n mampu dibaling
sekangkang kera je..), all of us took our turns to jump !!!
(lepas terjun, jgn la panik kalau tak nak terminum air laut yg masin tuh...) T_T"

haa...kan dah kata..ape yg dipraktik atas jeti, itula yg kitorg buat
dalam laut..susah sket sbab badan tak balance dalam air...
nmpak mcm bunga plak..nice.. :)

muahaha..this is the best part !!! chained group
takes longer time to accomplish this task..bkan ape..kitorg punya 'tekong'
asyik senget je..haha..dah salah kemudi..hehe..tpi serious..
enjoy sangat !!!!
coursemate saya yg ting tong.. cik Abidah yg melakukan terjunan solo <3
cheese everybody !!!! blissful time :)


Itulah yg ada serba sikit utk memberi gambaran ape je yg kitorg wat waktu paktikal basic navi tuh...dapat saya simpulkan di sini...course saya adalah antara course di UMS yg paling dicemburui course2 lain selain medic...

hahaha...sebabnye, course kitorg la yg paling enjoy n asyik terjun laut for lain praktikal dalam makmal je..(haha..please be jelez,k :P ) 
n kitorg pon antara course yg belajar swimming free masa sem 1...n yg hujung minggu, boleh di spend di swimming pool untuk beriadah n bersuka <3 <3 <3

--> no hard feeling guys.. tapi memang saje nk bagi jelez..haha..<--

After habis praktikal, kitorg pon balik la..ada yg carik makan kat cafe library..ada yang balik kolej for me...memandangkan birthday cuma setahun sekali...I went to One Borneo to celebrate it with my dear friend, Safna... yup, kitorg date 2 je memandangkan yg lain semua dah penat utk diajak berjalan..( siyes penat kot lepas praktikal.. siap mabuk laut lagi.. T_T )

And ada la sket gambar yg tak seberape..*fon nak habes bteri plak*

ini kawan saya..safna :)
tak de keje..pusing2 tapi tak beli pon..
lagi tak de keje..pusing2 cd store n jumpe nih..
my fevret of all time..
jennifer love hewitt-ghost whisperer...
(nak beli tapi.....tak sampai hati nak bkak purse..
bersawang je purse tuh..ape pon tak bole... T_T")
wish these are in my collection..great tv series..
xoxo <3
(bole guna baucer buku x ar?? *over..pok kepale baru tau* )
kedai jeweleries.. suke tgok bila lalu, tpi tkot nak msuk usha..
dwet tak dak :D
ahaa !! menelusuri zaman kanak2 kembali..hihihi :)

hye there..u cutie itty bitty little orange turtle :)

"I'd rather being an idiot than losing u.."
said patrick to spongebob :)

saya mariner n tak sangka toy's r us ada anak patung
manta ray..suke, suke..!! cute :)

ini lah baru legend !! lol <3
the avengers ; little hulk n iron man junior ...
(dpat jumpa 2 ni je haa..)

this is my interest...i had many at my
home n my brother's hobby of solving this.. :)
and banyak lagi toys yg kitorg dua gomoi kat kat situ..lovely heaven for small kids..
(diri sendiri pon da mcm bdak kecik...ape barang sambut besday kat
toy's r us..haha.. :p )

lepas habes bergomoi dgn toys..kitorg pon balik la..haha
have fun that day !! thanx Safna :)
and to all that wished me birthday !! may God
bring happiness in ur lives like what all of u had gave me on my birthday..
present is not necessary..the most important thing is that u
remember..that's made it precious :)

Huh...dah abes pon meng upload nih semua..itulah yg jadik serba serbi on my last birthday..hehe..thanx for dropping by here, read n look at all those craps I wrote..hahaha..also thank you to everybody, that accidentally or inaccidentally wished for my birthday...I had such a nice and blissful birthday on my 20th years of living..this one, I'm gonna cherish them for as long as I live n breathe..*pergh, ayat skema !! :p *

And with that also, we gonna stop here n thus, I called it a day...

See ya guys again soon, k !! :) chow.. !!

Assalamualaikum :)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ocean And Me ?? Can I Defeat It ?? OMG.."T_T"

Assalamualaikum semua :)
Happy Thursday !!

Amacam korg punya week? Having great n fun time together with family n friend?
Yes..i heard some said that..How bout the rest??
Oh..having bunch of chores n being very busy throughout the weekdays, eh?
Haha..don't'll gonna be weekend soon..very soon..have nice rest ya later.. :)

* Me also now piled up n struggling with the disastrous presentation, pop-quizzes, reports n never ending got complicated everyday but I hope I'll be just good n steady..(It's merely possible..) =_="

what do u think bout the dark deep ocean ??
same thought as i was? T_T"


It's no big topic indeed, just sharing my thought..that somehow is so related to me cuz i'm a marine science student..

As a mariner, the person should be always related to the water n sea environment..when u heard the marine science itself, u'll know that probably the most time we spent n learn are almost everything marine...

( besides basic statistic, i don't even have the slightest idea why it's included as the core subject of the programme.. =_=" ) and YES, we are !! The Sea..n it's every single details(can't be listed here, too vast n many..) I think is the most thing that we're exposed to like, everyday..and it's a whole new experience for me..never thought that I'll be joining this course n never expect that i can swim like a pro or taking diving lessons n have legal diving license someday..yup..I'm quite glad with what I've been gone through..


just that....

I also never expect that I'm usually a sea phobic's just only the sea n the vast water body like the ocean that I've encountered problems so far.. I've experience a deep diving pool n swimming pool before but just fine.. I enjoyed them so much..but now, I just realize my fear to the sea...or being swimming in the sea..or something like that, u the sea.. T_T"..don't ask me why I've been so dramatically ridiculous by saying that, but actually there's people out there who knows n really understand what I'm feeling..

I've gone through the web n look for the articles related, n there really have a syndrome of fearing the vast water body like ocean, that is called's a little bit different than the Aquaphobia or Hydrophobia, cuz I don't get afraid of water in the pool n somewhere else.. I don't know how or whether I'm really thalassophobic, but what i know is this syndrome can be caused by genetic factor..(what? how could that possible? )

Kinda weird facts i found, but i think it's just have to do with my fear of heights also..(Acrophobia)'s not severe but when it's combining with the fact that I've to jump into the sea from a jetty platform ( I guess..) of an unknown height ..yeap ..I do worry about it so much and lately I'm experiencing some kind of stress and mood swing when my friends, all of 'em talked about it..

So far, we've not done the practical class of the basic navigation n seamanship yet..(which is on today..where we have to jump into the sea for life saving practical on the first class !! OH NO !!) but i kept thinking bout it..even though I know the possibilities of being drown or sink to the ocean is 0%..yeap, NONE... they do provide life jacket n some other maybe put on some safety gears for sure..
and many boatmen n sea experts will be there too!!

I know how to swim well and my last sem, I did enjoy my diving in the deep 5M diving pool though..but I have this weird fear of something, something deep in the ocean (well, u can't really see the bottom..n it's dark n cold underwater..) that will come n get me if I'm swimming or just floating at the surface, like the fear of something big n creepy, with sharp teeth n sea monster.. that will pull my leg into the ocean darkness..n eats me..or even worse...maybe, tearing n ripping me apart like I'm a sheet of thin seaweed.. and then munch me up to pieces!! T_T"..horrible enough to imagine bout such things, but it's all in my head !! I can't get rid of it..


 *the imagination of mine...*
maybe..something like this??

or...maybe something like this one??
*scary thought*
I really hope it's not something like this one..
*pengsan =_=" *

Tapi bak kata senior2 yg ting tong tpi baik hati, kemungkinan untuk satu perkara yg pasti...*jeng jeng jeng..apekah??* memang ada.. they whispered to me n said, "WATCH OUT FOR THE J.E.L.L.Y.F.I.S.H.E.S.." *gulp..=_=" * 

*these things.....

...can cause these severe effect..yikes!!  =_=" *

Maybe kept thinking bout such thing is making my condition much worst..yeah.. I know, I'm now, n my life afterwards will be apart of the sea.. I know, I have to overcome my greatest fear in my life..(after height !!)

"Mungkin itu cuma lah mainan perasaan ku..."

Memang la's when we imagine something this "small"so much, it'll become that "BIG" later n will be bigger than anything...

# Monolog dalaman :

"Orang lain tak de pa pe pon..kau je pulak yg over..macam la Malaysia nih ade White Shark or Lochness Monster.. kalo setakat Green Turtle.. atau 2,3 ekor Risso Dolphin yg melintas...ataupon jellyfish2 Sabah yg menyengat (bak kata senior, rasa mcm kena gigit semut merah je pon..) rugi la Malin kalau kau tak's like once in the lifetime punya moment dengan chill, ok.. u can do it !!! percaya la pada diri kau sendiri..macam mana nak jadik Mariners sejati kalau Pantai ODEC pon kau brave..believe that u'll having fun times later on... :)

And, if u really really scared, just pray...pray to ur Lord..He knows you the BEST...He'll listen..He just wants you see..n believe, that His invention is beyond imagination n beyond manpower...and He wants you to be grateful, to be given a chance to seek for the truth in His world that we're living in...bersyukurlah wahai Amalina.. :)"

" Terima kasih, wahai Hati.. :) now I'm feeling much better.. "


*thanx to MY FRIENDS n everybody that calmed me when i'm me strength n knew my fear..that give me friendly advices when I need them so much...
Only God can repay your good deeds...*

Monday, 4 March 2013

what happened in my first sem of marine student life?

Assalamualaikum..salam satu mariners :)

How's it going on,peeps?? Great I guess..

Alhamdulillah, now it's my second semester in UMS, still first year junior..hihihi :)

There's a lot to share with u guys..(but too many important events that i just picked some..n these picts are all i got in my lappy..actually, still got many but it will take forever for me to upload them..teehee~~)

Ok..bak kata Yuna," dalam setiap gambar ada lagu.." inilah lagu-lagu yg sempat dicipta masa Sem 1 Sains Marin di UMS..enjoy la yg mana ada.. :)

hye's ur captain.. *bajet XD*
"nice sky.."

evening walk..(penat tggu bas..T_T") from dearie Library to
my residential college yang ntah bape kilometer ke depan..

this one is school of engineering..
*nice evening view*

bus stop tmpat menanti bas yang tak kunjung2 tiba dengan sabar..
*selalu kalau malas, mmg prefer jalan kaki even jauh..*

candid saje2 boring2 sambil jalan kaki..
*sweating like rain..*

hah..inilah coursemate2 ku yg menakluki bas utk ke ODEC..
berjemaah naik bas sama2 sbab course kitorg antara yg belajar dkat tmpat
lain selain fakulti sendiri...
*ODEC=Institut Penyelidikan Marin Borneo UMS

lab time !!! walaupon tak dpat jadik real doctor,
jadik doctor dlm lab coat pon jadik la.. ngee~

antara my lovely coursemate yg yg kdg2 terkandas
n tggu bas sama2..dri kiri :: jean, aida, tahera, aqilah, maira..
(maaf yg lain sume dah selamat dgn bus trip yg awal..huhu)

kengkadang, kalo boring dlm lecture ni la jadik nye..*jgn tiru
teladan yg tak baik ni..* wi-fi free la katakan..huhu~

hye everybody..perkenalkan my coursemate,international student from
Philipines, this beauty named Fathma Noora Canoy Abbas..just
call her Fathma.. XD

Haaa..tuh la serba sikit (sgt sikit) yg jadik awal2 sem..ape la yg korg fikir budak2 marin suke buat hujung minggu kalo tak de pa pe?? nah..ada lagi nih..yup, kitorg pegi swimming n as for my course, it is compulsory for us to at least know how to not water-panic..yeah, n all mariners can swim !!

water candid 1
ini ialah Badriah n Kak Jay.. :)
amboi..sempat lagi tuh..
this is lovely Nysa n Dudu... :)

semua org suke kamera n these are Aarston n Farah..

Ok la kan..that one la hobi kitorg hujung minggu..*mula mula mmg takot air tak tipu punya la..tapi nak ujung2 sem, semua mcm pro..haha~*

hmm..ini plak my first trip (no la, jalan jalan..) to a place in Kota Kinabalu named Gaya Street..kinda like ordinary pasar but full of handycraft !!! :)

saya mabuk laut, tpi sunset view kat sini la..superb !! mmg lawa..

candid lagi..this one is my lovely senior aka tourist guide of the day,
kak Siti Nursyafiqah..thnx akak.. :)

ape?? korg rasa ni buah yg senang2 bole dapat kat
semenanjung?? tak de first time dengar
nama buah ni pon dah jakun..buah tarap gerangan nama..
sedap..mcm cempedak tpi kecik sikit n isi putih, tebal n bijik yg
sangat la kecik..wangi jugak bau.. :)

ini..ini..beg duit kulit katak according to abang yg jual..
*itu katak real ok..REAL. only in Sabah..

kepala org utan yg dihasilkan, kerja tangan yg cukup halus..
made up of coconut fiber (sabut kelapa tua)
kreatif kann??? rm 300++ each..

aha..this one gambar tersesat..tapi this one pon important jgak..
dpat jumpe skejap ngn former school tcer yg dtg honeymoon dkat sabah ni..
beliau pon former student ums, fakulti pendidikan..
hehe..lovely tcer Sarah..thnx for paying me a visit walaupon tgh buzy honeymoon.. :)

Setiap sem 1 tak kan lengkap permulaannya tanpa minggu orientasi..

minggu orientasi kitorg so damn memenatkan..
*till i lost some of my body weight..can't believe it !*

tapi kenangan yg terpahat,itulah yg mahal n berharga.. :)

walawei..buruk nye muka ko malin !!
kiri :: aziera :)

abg sha yg ting tong.. *bru kenal dah mesra mcm nih..*
dari kiri :: aziera, me, abg sha, ain, farah adlina :)

ni muka puak kolej matrik kedah yg tercampak ke Sabah Negeri Di bawah Bayu ni..
dari kiri :: me, ainshatun, farah adlina, aziera, ain..
*mcm puteri umno ok waktu mlm pnutupan minggu orientasi ari tuh*

kami adalah anak2 utaqha yg tak tau dari mna hala tercampak kat
UMS nih..hehe :)

saje nk mencapab kat stage dewan canselor sblom balik bilik lpas majlis tamat..

Naah..tuh je la simpanan serba sedikit yg tersisa yg mmpu di uploadkan dgn jayanya..yg lain byk lagi but i guess yang ni pon korang tak larat nak tengok..hahaha~

Ok la guys..i think i'd like to finish this n call it a sleepy n it's really midnite now..need to sleep bcuz i got chemistry lecture in the morning

See u soon guys in another post la eh..chow!!

good nite :) Assalamualaikum :)