Saturday, 8 December 2012

stressed out !!! T_T"

assalamualaikum.. salam satu mariners..^^

    omg..omg...!! tomorrow would be a very big day for mariners of UMS..and 
aquas also... all of us had drench out our sweat and spirits..and also, have been workin' out extremely hard to make this event happen according to the plan..huh..what a big job for the first year students..n a big round of applause for those who are really put their life n passion in order to make this event a big success..hehe..*mcm tgh bgi appreciation remarks la pulak..wat ayat sentap bole..lalalala~~..ok..back to the story, i'm the one who involved in the registration part..u know..the part where people come to register for the event they compete in, besides to ask this n that..bla bla bla..etc.etc..oh !! gonna be a long night for me cuz i don't think that i could sleep tonite..and i'm still waking up at this late finish all the stuffs regarding to this event n i have to print out some docs..but where to find the printer that works at this hour? urgh..another problem...........seems that i have to settle this one later in the morning..huhu..

omg again..seems that i grew more n more problems if i don't sleep... i need my beauty sleep but seems to be just impossible...hopefully, i won't look like a zombie with eye pouches in the or not, my i come........aaaahhh..when warm bed greets you, the first thing come first must be...SLEEPING TIME...!! haha.. ok guys..nothing else to say since my bed is beckoning on me rite now so, good night.. sleep tight.. see u'olls in my another post !!! 

assalamualaikum wbt.. ^_^

Friday, 7 December 2012

what a long day...haeh..~_~"

nothing interesting happened to me these days..just filled n piled up with bunch of assignments, quizes, n mid-tests...haeh.. ~_~"..*looong sigh..when will this end? i guess, NEVER..huhu..

it's ok..this is what surely u have to gone through if u are a student..UNIVERSITY STUDENT especially...for me,everyday is BUSY days...including time to really have fun but still, i enjoy it...^_^.. with coursemates n friends..roomates..blockmates..clubmates..opposite housemates..even toiletmates..hehe..

why i'm so busy? i also don't know.. i'm pursuing degree in marine science but now it seems that i am as busy as the students who pursue medic course..haha..going out as early 6.45am in the morning for lectures at 8am and classes on weekdays..until 1pm or sometimes if we got practical class or lab, until 5pm..hoho, what a long day..luckily this semester, i don't have any class at night time..or my life would be such a hectic one..haha..hmm.. this semester, i joined some co-curricular activities such as silat, a self-defense class.. a dance lesson class.. em..haa..i also joined swimming class (as this is compulsory for my course..T_T..) n swimming is the class that i enjoy so much..lalalala~~..besides, me also getting involved in a club of my residential college that is JASEC club..long form of JAWATANKUASA KESELAMATAN DAN KECEMASAN KAMPUNG E..bla..bla..bla..what-so-ever..every week will have meeting n what-so-ever la diorang nih..tak larat kadang2 tuh nk pegi sana sini..UMS ni bukannya kecik nak ulang alik..haeh..yang lagi best bila meeting jasec tuh terbertembung ngan kelas silat..haa..then datang la angin malas nak pegi meeting or silat..hahaha..duk library lagi best!!.. ada aircond..ada pling penting,ada wifi..hehe..lengkap mcm rumah..kalo bole tido library pon tak kesah sbab necessity lengkap...tinggal nk letak katil ngan bantal je lagi..hahaha..

k la guys..kalo nak citer a sampai z memang sampai pagi esok pon tak abes..petang ni pon dah ada midtest lagi..etika dalam sains..(huhu..stress buku pon tak abes scan lagi..*wish me luck!!) laen kali la saya sambung lagi post saya dgn citer2 laen yg terjadi kat hidup saya kat sabah nan indah ni..lalalala~~
ok long..see u'olls in another post of me..^^ 

Assalamualaikum wbt....salam satu mariners ^^