Friday, 5 June 2015

Gegaran awal pagi di bumi Kota Kinabalu.

This morning, a sudden tremors incident around 7.17 am had caused panic all over the place in my residential college, except for me. I was somewhere else; I slept over at my faculty (for wifi of course.. hoho) last night and I wasn't home this morning. However, I still experienced the quick earthquake toll since the tremors still affected the place I was staying in. A short recap laaa about the incident: That medium earthquake of magnitude 5.9 Richter scale hit Ranau and the tremors had also affected other parts of  Sabah's west coast on Friday, 5th June 2015. Haaa, macam tu la lebih kurang headline berita kat tv tuuuh.

I stayed up late last night and sleepless. Only after Subuh this morning my sleepiness came and I slept in the musolla...It was not a long peaceful sleep since I was awake to what I thought was a dream at first, but actually it wasn't. Short but kinda strong earthquake moment for about a few seconds. 

I was like,"Wow, bergegaqnyaaa..." 

....sambil muka blur habeh sebab terbangun dari tidoq dalam keadaan confuse n tgok member 2 orang merangkap roommates yg lepak sekali tidur surau ODEC tengah confuse jugak sebab semua pon tgh mamai lagi. I could really feel that the floor shook beneath my feet and I could hear sound of tremors; things got shaken up and as I leaned to wall, I could hear the wall vibrating in terror. If only the earthquake last longer, I bet there would be cracks and the walls could collapse.

It's Friday, and first thing in the morning, I ventured short-term kinda strong earthquake and I thought it would be the apocalypse. T_T"

After the tremors ended, I was like, "Was that really happening?"sambil tenung muka member. Masing2 blur.

.....and in a few minutes after that, stream and throngs of notifications filling up my FB news feed and Twitter timeline, confirming the shocking wake-up-call incident. I must be lucky to still be living and called my mom after that, telling her about the earthquake experience. Mom was like, "Ye ke?? Ibu tak rasa ape2 pon...?" and short after that my brother turned on the tv and the news had been spread all over.

Yup, my not-very-first-time experience of earthquake...well, actually just quick tremors that happened in a few seconds. I experienced much smaller scale of earthquake before when I was still in my matriculation year in Kedah in 2011. (Alaaa, you  guys know jugak the story of that earthquake back then in 2011, which actually hit Myanmar and the neighbouring country got affected from it).

Moga kita semua dalam lindungan Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala. Semestinya apa yang berlaku itu adalah satu peringatan buat manusia yang lalai dan alpa. Takut chek gempa2 ni, lagi2 pulak time tu dok sedap tidoq lagi dibuai mimpi and then bangun terkejut sebab lantai bergegaq. Thrilled kot. Huhu.