Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Not Just A Day to Remember...

Happy Father's Day to every single father out there. Keep on loving and appreciating your father while they still around...still not too late to apologize if u made mistakes towards them n say ur thanks n gratitude towards them..put your ego aside n take time to flashback what he'd done to you..

Yeah, he scolded you.

Yup, he restricted your freedom.

And yes, u feel like he still look at you like u are just a little kid...

You get mad because he didn't allow you to go for a date.

Or he may said that he'll accompany you around if u wish to watch movies in cinema.
(as for me, this was my dad once..)

Or maybe, he asked something ridiculous bout your personal life that you think it's too annoying for a father to know...

You know what, I'm gonna tell you one thing...

Doesn't matter how old you have grown up and you think that you can handle yourself, your father will still look at you as you are his forever fragile lil' babies...
Be grateful n thankful if he still ask you things that u might find it ridiculous at this age. Don't ever feel like your dad is interfering in your business...
He's a father. He knows things out there quite well and actually this is the way that he shows his love and affection towards his children.
Yeah, might not really the same like your mother.
Father shows his love differently. Though they are not as warm n welcoming like your mother, they thought about you days and nights, how to satisfy your need.
He'd rather being hungry n starving just to feed you at the first place.
And for some children that throw tantrum n being disrespectful to your father,
I really don't get why you have to go against your father's will n mistreated him.
Like some daughters, would follow other man's advices n loves rather than your own father.

You know, a father is the only man in your life that never turns his back to you when you are sad.
That never stab your back like what other man would easily do.
That never breaks your heart and always be there supporting you.
Eventhough you runaway and left him for other man, he waits for you to comeback if you got dumped.
He's the one who can still smiling and give you tonnes of courage after you said something that really hurts him anyway..
He makes your life feel worthy and special after you feel like messing it up all over and cry upon a telephone call...
He's a man that never shows his hardness n tired in gaining money and a perfect living for you, eventhough you complained so much bout this n that...
He's everything...
There is time when someone feels like it's better to have no father, but once they know how is it feels, they'll regret for their whole life by mentioning that.
You are the most ungrateful person on Earth.

People out there, if you read this, please I beg you, make a phone call to your father (in case you are staying away or you are too shy to confronts him...)
Just, put your ego aside and tell him, " Dad, Happy Father's Day... I love you. I'm sorry for everything I'd done and I ask for your forgiveness on every fault I did. You are the best man in my life..." or just say what ever you comfortable with.
And if you're staying with your father at the moment, do something that makes him happy and pleased. Maybe you can give nothing but at least treat him well n make him happy. Let him know that he's priceless n irreplaceable.

As for me, my chance to treat my father like that are now just a memory. But, everyday I would pray for him...and I would never, ever forget him...I would pray for him n my family...people out there, if you are in my shoes, you should never forget all your father's deed..for the rest of your life. Eventhough he may not be living around with you anymore, his spirits lingers on. Remember, without him you are no one. :)

In loving memory of my late dad,
Kamaruddin Mohamad (1961-2012),
who happened to be the world greatest dad. 
my hero, my world, my inspiration, my all...

Happy father's day... :)