Thursday, 10 October 2013

That One Day Story Of 9th October...

It's 9th October 2013. Just like the other days in my life calendar that passed by, minute by minute, second by second, and we'll always know that the clock will never stop ticking.

It's just an ordinary Wednesday anyway, and as a university student, my schedule are quite pack with classes, practical and lectures. As you guys may see, I'm a little busy today as I have to attend the night class either.

And for these 2 or 3 days passed, it had been raining non-stop here in Sabah. From the morning I woke up and walked to class until at night I got to my bed for sleep, and it keeps on raining till the next sunrise...

--> OK. I better stop making this kind of "opening" for my blog entry. It feels like the intro of an essay already. Or a short story for literature perhaps? LOL. Who cares right? hahahaha~Hmm... or maybe I actually need to make this one blog entry like a kind of  short story. So that the story plot will look more logical and make sense...LOL.

OK. I'll continue ya...

I woke up this morning, feeling damn lazy, then sluggishly moved towards the edge of my bed and yawned. I had morning class at 8 and it's almost 7 at
that moment as I looked through my phone clock.

"Oh gosh..not again. I'm gonna be late this morning...useless morning alarm !! never wakes me up at the right time duuhh..."

So, I reached my towel and stuffs, put on my flip flops and get my butt off to toilet. It took me just 20 minutes to get myself ready. Then, I put on my shabby sneakers and went out to catch the morning bus.

It's my everyday routine man. I'm used to it since my first semester here.  The main reason that we need to wake up a bit early is to catch those morning buses. I tell you, it's hard to get on a bus here on the right timing for class. It's a never ending problematic issue that haunted campus students like me.

Late for morning classes sometimes, was not really my fault alone. Maybe it's my fault but it's because of the bus sometimes, that didn't show up eventhough you've waited for like, 30 minutes...sometimes much longer. I still wonder why that happened. LOL.
Can't blame the bus driver either, as they are the one who drive those old campus buses and pick us up every morning.

It's still rain at that time and I've waited in the morning crowd, with my earphone on with loud music from my MP3 player but I'm standing there without my umbrella. I don't really care bout getting wet but it's friggin' cold that morning as I shivered. I'm also dripping wet because of the downpours. It's not really a long wait as a bus showed up after some time.

And so, I went to practical class that morning and bla bla bla bla know what happened...experiments and stuffs...and finished by 10.30 am. And it still raining outside, but not that heavy. Just sprinkles but still rain.

Then, I went to library and just stay there, finishing some stuffs and wait for the next class. And for the sake of free wifi. LOL.

And still, nothing really interesting happened to me today. Connected to library wifi, streamed Youtube, got myself online on Twitter and Facebook...searching for some infos and stuffs...reading this, looking that, bla bla bla bla....and so, I kinda wasted my whole afternoon. Hehe~

Besides that, I'm actually finishing my practical report to be sent before 5pm later in the evening. Other than that, I'm literally doing nothing. Friggin winter cold library + raining non-stop activates my body hibernate mode somehow but I don't want to dozed off, as I'm not really sleepy either.
Finished my lab report, sent it away and then stayed in the library again.

Bla Bla Bla...Bla Bla Bla...boring.

It's already 5.45pm, got ready for the night class, went for Maghrib prayer early as my class will be started on 6.45pm.
(*notes : In Sabah, sunset time kinda early here. It's around 6pm++...Maghrib is about 6.08pm...)

Bla Bla Bla...Bla Bla Bla...night APK class. A lecture to be precise. And after an hour, it ended. Sorry to say but honestly, it's kinda bored. I don't really have much interest in business subject though.

Bus stop. Le coursemates, talked and laughed...waiting for bus again to return back home...bla bla bla bla....bus came, we went home. As for me, I still got the stay in this UMS residential college. And for some kind of reasons, people thought that I'm lucky enough because not every second year students have the privilege of staying inside,
unless if you are a medical students. LOL. Many of us have to rent outside. And some of my coursemates, they are not the exception either.

--> I know man, it's kinda stupid boring reading this one day bloody routine diary...LOL. Continue...

Felt lethargic. A whole day away from bed. Walking home from the bus stop so "snail-ly", thought about something in my mind. There's something happened today but I couldn't seem to remember any. Too busy plus too worn out by today's class. Tried hard but useless brain at the moment.

I took my phone out from my pocket. It has been "silent" all day long since this morning and only now I got the chance to grab it and look through if there got any text messages or missed calls. By the way, there's some text messages and to my surprise, the phone reminder! Yup, my phone reminder! Oh dammit !! There's really something important happened today and I almost forgot about it !!

"Oh man... how come I just realize that it is 9th October today...I don't even realize today's date lol.."
Thanks to my old handphone, I barely forgot that today is 9th October 2013.
What so special? Nothing for you but so meaningful to me.

--> OK. So sorry for the long fuckin' boring story, but actually this is the only highlighted part of the day. XD

Automatically after I realized today's date, this one warm and smiley face flashes before my eyes. I miss him. I really do. Like a lot.

Today's my late dad's birthday la. How should I forgot? I celebrated this date annually before this.

Yeah, usually before this since I'm away from home, I'll make a phone call in the early morning to my beloved father for a surprise birthday wish.
Or, if I'm home, I'll try to be as a nice daughter as possible since it's his birthday.
And sometimes, I gave him present eventhough it's really nothing much from me.

Yeah, but that was on
ce. But now, you're not with us anymore, daddy.
It's not more than just a cherishable memory for me.

I wish I can hug you again. I wish I can make you proud again. I wish I can hear your voice again through those phone calls. I wish that every moment with you will ever happened again. I wish.

Eventhough you're not here for me anymore, and eventhough I could never give you a birthday phone call like before, or maybe a hug, I'm still gonna remember this day. The date that I could never ever forget in this whole life and the life after this one if got any.

I wish I can still say this through a morning phone call,

"Happy birthday, Abah! :')" but I know, it'll never happen.

So, I just whispered that to myself. I know you'll be hearing me somewhere up there...because half of you is still here with me, in my blood. :D

Abah, I love you. I miss you. You're irreplacable. You're the only man of my life. You're my hero. You're my everything!!

I'm sorry for almost forgetting your big day today. I promise you that I'll never forget that. Never again. :D

*Al-Fatihah to a loving father and a faithful lover,
- Kamaruddin bin Mohamad (1961-2012)-

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cerita Ceriti Malin dan Dongeng Mariners the Scuba Divers.

Pergh!! jap jap... Assalamualaikum. hehe~

Ok. serius dah lama ngok tak bukak blog I'oll nih. dah bersawang sawing dah rupe~

Hehe. Halleuw guys. Ape cer? Sehat?

Alhamdulillah, sekarang nih I'oll dah officially berada di tahun kedua, bachelor dalam course Marine Science taw..


Banyak kenangan, pahit manis masam masin air laut payau air paya yang I'oll dah lalui bersama sama teman2, sahabat, rakan taulan, kengkawan, member kamceng, musuh2 dalam selimut, musuh2 luar selimut, penjaga2 tepi kain, pet2 kitty and doggy yg jinak and cuddly di kampung E (oh please T_T"), coursemate2, ex2-roomate, ex2-housemate, ex2-clubmate, blockmates, toiletmates, lecturemates, librarymates n mates2 yg hade di sekeliling I'oll.

Pejam celik pejam tak celik, dah almost setahun bernaung di negeri Sabah, The Land Below The Wind yg cantek mantek nih. Haeh. Tak sangka la pengalaman hidup yg bermakna tinggal kat tempat orang nih.
And Alhamdulillah, I'm adapted to this whole new world, literally different from what I've been experiencing before. Allah bagi peluang untuk merasa tinggal dan mencari pengalaman di tempat orang.
Terima kasih Ya Allah atas peluang berharga nih. ^_^

Em..I'oll pon tak de benda sangat yang nak dikarut time2 cenggini. Sementara assignment pon belum menimbun2 lagi so peluang memblog n mengarut masih terbuka. LOL. Em...ape eh nak cakap?

Em...errgghhh ~ ~ (brainstorm..brainstorm.. >_<")

OK. Give up. Tak de benda syok lagi nak citer pasal sem baru nih. Ada la sikit citer tapi nak kumpul dulu sampai overload, baru nak muntahkan dlm post in the future.. ngahahaha~ ade citer. Tapi lama punyer la. Tak lama sangat, tapi dah tak bape fresh. (ni story bulan Jun 2013, lepas final exam Sem 2) ngihihihi~

I'oll just nak singkap balik je kenangan I'oll with my fellow Mariners, berdiving (bukan driving), by means Bahasa Melayunya menyelam (bukan memandu ok), di Pulau Sapi, Sabah. AWESOME weyhhhh!

(Actually this was first time la, sebab time tuh baru je nak amek lesen Scuba Dive Open Water. Memang tak expert pon lagi. >_<")

People says, "Pictures says everything that words can't express." So, I'oll attach kan je la sket2 gambau yang hade dlm simpanan I'oll utk tatapan fellow bloggers n readers tegar. LOL.

Silakan menjamu mata. Dipersilakan juga utk jelez kalau nak. hohoho~

hehe..opening mesti kena hade. Jesselton Point KK.

Oh jap. terlupa. sbelum pergi real diving, hari first, kitorang "berdiving"
secara teori dulu dlm kelas.
hari kedua. after teori, mesti la praktikal. cabaran
sebenar bermula.
transforming into this...haha~
bersiap nak turun dah tuh.
Fins and mask goggles.
masing2 pon sebok memasang komponen BCD masing2.

memasang alatan bagai, fin n mask goggles, BCD, regulator, alternate air source,
bla bla bla...
check tangki oksigen, pasang tuh pasang nih.
bertolak ke dive site. *charismatic*
lol <3

Jump !!! >_<


dalam air daaaaah tu.. sempat lagi tuh posing2.
mariners betul kan..? hihi~

underwater briefing.

buat bulatan. antara task yg perlu.

buddy system~
pantang nampak kamera. even underwater.


oh..ini pezal, bdak aquakultur. the only boy in our girls group.

ni one of the diving instructor.
izham the black body. >_<

syahirah ke nih? lol

me n pezal :D

meowww =3
maira n qilah. buddies :D
kak jac and kak jay. lol
saranghaeyo !!!
ni kak jaclyn, our girl diving instructor. the only girl instuctor
for the day.

diving instructor 2, Izham the black body.
Aldrick, diving instructor yg paling sweet n nice.
Akid (left) diving instructor yg sporting.
and the rest...all of these guys were daebak n nice to us !
thanks guys!
ni latihan before we're diving into the sea. on the surface dulu,
actually dgn ombak yg bergelora, it's kinda wavy n I'oll

got seasick.
reef 1. coral tak tau tapi actually lagi nice kalo tgok
depan mata.

blue spotted yellow sting ray. cute size.
about two human palm size.
emm. ni ikan...ikan banyak2. tak tau ikan ape. lol
 next reef. some kind of fish. cool sight!
reef infinity. with cool fishes...! lol
weird shape but rarely seen fish. dunno know what type.

Until now i keep guessing what the heck was this
creature. mcm flounder fish pon iye. hoho~

diving instructor yg gigih memberikan instruction n
tunjuk ajar walaupon underwater. hewhewhew~

dah naek bot, BCD n stuffs perlu di bersihkan.

ok.sempat lagi.

Aqilah aka Aki-chan.
muka penat tak hengat.
Fatin Humaira.
Marshmallow girl. pon muka penat tak hengat.

muehehehe~ up the surface.
wat lek wat peace! :D
serius lapar walaupon lepas satu dive. penat.
muka penat n lapar siot. tunggu makanan.
ada jugak yg gigih study manual diving tuh.
untuk mantopkan lagi ilmu di dada.
dive manual. lots of info !!

muka tekun Bidah, coursemate I'oll.
dah abes dive, logbook diving kena isi n dapatkan
pengesahan pihak berwajib. lol
one last pict after we're done. memoir.
me with the lovely kak Jaclyn :D
fellow ting tong divemates. weee~
ok! we're now officially Open Water Scuba Divers!
ngehehe~ with Aida.
with le coursemate. Aki-chan. on the boat. back home.
on the way home. penat but happy.
ok! weeee~ Mariners!
last. la sangat kan.
in the van. super exhausted.
 muka ala zombiezz >_<
ada opening, mesti la kena closing kan.
bye2 Jesselton Point KK.

Hah...tuh je la yg dapat di upload. Actually tak la semua...tapi memang 90% inilah yg dapat diupload dgn jayanya.

Amacam? Besh kan? Ada jelez? LOL.

Ok la. dah ngantuk. Nak tido. Till the next entry, chow first. bye! XD
Assalamualaikum guys. =3