Thursday, 29 November 2012

my story..a loving memorial ;)

Dengan lafaz assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..
dengan ini,saya mulakan penulisan saya...^^

          Nak tulis apa eh..em..before anything else, let me introduce a glimpse about my life..nothing much..nothing interested..just a little introduction..full name,according to my i.d, 
NUR AMALINA BINTI KAMARUDDIN..born in one fine Sunday morning of March 14 in 1993..guess what..nobody really cares bout this at all..bla bla bla..haha..ok..just 19 n still studying in a university...pursuing my degree in Marine Science course in UMS..the only daughter in my family which means that i'm the most spoiled one..kyahahaha~..has two lil' brothers and a lovely dad?? he was not long gone and for sure he wouldn't be here for me anymore..ever T_T ..yeah..passed away of unknown critical reason nor disease,just high temp fever that change the life of almost everybody around me..and me myself still not get used to it..just feel like yesterday he was talkin' to me on phone giving fatherly advices..and some warnings for i miss that voice, the one utterly woke me up early in the morning..that voice that sometimes nagging in my ears not long time ago...mumbling this and's and don'ts..bla bla bla..etc..etc..the voice that i really wants to hear if i got upset..feel down..and..yeah..surely he'll the one who let his shoulder for me to cry on..never thought that it would happened this fast and now, yeah.. i'm fatherless..i was in the midst of the hectic final matriculation exam at that very moment..just a week before i finished my study in matric..just a week..just imagine of how stressful it was when losing somebody that will always be the first person to answer your call everyday..yeah.. sometimes my mom would answer but it's just not that complete without my dad...regretted myself for hating my dad's nags once but now my life just feel empty without his lecture..and because of that also, i learned to appreciate and cherish every loved ones around me now..thanks abah for everything..! you are my true hero!! you may not be here any longer, but i know that you are still watching me and our worries abah..i'll be the one who'll look after our family; your dear wife that is my mom and both of my lil' brothers, i'll make sure they will grad their studies with flying sha Allah..^^

my family dad,my mom,angah and adik.. my dad is just a memory..a blissful memory of my own..
never been forgotten^^