Monday, 19 August 2013

Emo..? Nope, Just Got Swayed A Lil Bit.

You know what, it's so frustrating when you really want to be apart of something badly, then other people just take it lightly on you...left you like you were not important.

When you are the one with most passionate heart but people just ignore you all the way like you weren't even exist.

It's so sad to know that you aren't needed while they are having fun and you're just watching them silently in the darkest corner, behind the wall.

It's not that you really want the attention but at least some appreciation would do.

Yeah, people do cruel things but I believe, when they are in great desperation, sometimes the person they might think about the most is you and finally, their whole wide world will turned out to you...

And as a good friend, you will always wanted to be and give the best for them...
and curing their hearts little by little, pleasing them and just be there for them.

And because you have somewhat in your human heart called mercy and pity, you sacrifices your own feelings and need.

It's your greatest point of weakness.

You fall for the ones you love eventhough they ignored you.

Abandoning you at first and taken your existence for granted.

It's okay...I'd rather being hurt from seeing you cries and sobbing throughout the day...

It's uncomfortable to see you like that cuz I'll feel guilty.

I don't know if you realize that my heart is aching deeply as it's piercing and bleeding ferociously eventhough you'll see me smile on my face and laugh like it's nothing happened to me recently.

Maybe, I just can't.
Maybe I'm too pathetic...

Yeah, I'm just that kind of pathetic.
And I'm sorry, so sorry for that...