Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Take A Break.

Assalamualaikum. Teehee.

It has been sooooooooo long since I last updated things on my blog. It's not that I left or whatsoever, I just can't find the right time to do blogwalking and you know..gaining some inspirations ahahahaha~ However, I seriously missed being around here...ranting bout random stuffs and spitting everything that I want here..well, almost everything... >_<


I'm in my last weeks of my 2nd year of study. It has been a long journey since the very first time I'm here. It feels short though. Next September, I'll be in my final year of my degree. Yeah. I'm growing up fast. And you guys too.

There's so much things happened to me this sem, I would never finish the story if I have to write 'em in here hahaha. I have not so much pictures of me and my crazy fellas this sem, since everyone is fucking busy~!! Haha..ooopps. By the way, I have some grand stories for me to tell you guys about, but not in this entry, and I'll try to moderately not exaggerating much and stay as humble as possible. What the. Haha.

Oh by the way, I'm still on my exam weeks. Just burned off two papers in a day and I'm gonna puke volcano magma and spit fire throughout all of my next exam papers. I'm gonna kill those sheeeeetss~!! Wish me luck guys...!!!

And to you guys that sit for final exam just like me, I wish you guys tonnes of good luck and all the best~!! See you guys so soooooon.....

Till then, goodbye first. Teehee.

Lol. Happened to me occasionally. Okay. Assalamualaikum.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hey Hoooo. Hye Peeps!!

Ohhhhoooooi. Satu sem tak update entry blog. Sorry la kemalasan + kesibukan + kehilangan mood + assignment tahun 2 was like...no joke. Seriously, halfway crazy.

This one gonna be my seriously short entry. I'm on exam fever. Gonna be on the battlefield for this upcoming three weeks. Gonna fire everything and burn those exam sheets. I'm on fire~!! Hahaha.

Ok whatever. Wish you guys good luck for those who will be sitting for final exam for this semester.
And wish me and my colleagues the best of luck in our exam. Miss hanging out on blog, I promise that I'll update as soon as the exam finished. Haha. Can't wait to set free. I wanna go home.

Kedah, see you very soon. Sabah, I'm gonna have my break so goodbye soon.

*LOL. Tak sabaqnyaaaaaa*