Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cool, Cool Mixtape From Her..Agape by JoJo.

            Hey peeps..nothing really happened to me recently since the semester breaks had started so I decided to just review a song, from my all time favourite singer, Joanna Levesque or JoJo..This song come from her recent Agape Mixtape release at the end of 2012...Hope you guys enjoy it..I just thought this song is good. Actually, it's great !! :)


JoJo Levesque - Thinking Out Loud
Agape Mixtape 2012

We had a meeting at the farmer’s market and talked over a bottle of wine
A parliament; my cigarette, he sparked it
And I knew I was playing with fire
Man, I shouldn’t have come here alone
I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places
Been telling myself I’m grown
But when I look in his eyes I’m his girl and he knows it

You kiss like you love me now
You know I can’t tune that out
Your frequency hits me less frequently
I have to haunt your dreams
You can’t stay mad at me
Just cuz we’re “supposed to be” don’t mean we’re gonna be
You can still break my heart even if we’re only messing around
Something’s different now
I’m just thinking out loud
And I try to be cool but my feelings keep pulling me down
I’m different now
I’m just thinking out loud

Got my armor you can call me heartless but I'm the one ya leavin behind
I tried to finish but we never started
To get this thing right out of my mind
I shouldn't come here alone
When we do the wrong thing it hurts sometimes
But it feels like I'm coming home
When I look in his eyes I'm his girl and he knows it

Making love to me now
You know I can't tune that out
Your frequency hits me less frequently
I had to haunt your dreams
You can't stay mad at me
Just cause we're supposed to be don't mean we're gonna be
You can still break my heart even if we're only messing around
Somethings different now
I'm just thinking out loud
And I try to be cool but my feelings keep holding me down
I'm different now
I'm just thinking out loud.

You can still break my heart even if we're only messing around
Somethings different now
I'm just thinking out loud
And I try to be cool but my feelings keep holding me down
I'm different now
I'm just thinking out loud....



Oohh, with that either, I put a video from Youtube of this full version of this song :)

Ok guys...that's it..gotta go !! See ya guys real soon in another post of mine :) Love, XOXO.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

It's Nothing Much, Just A Thought From One of JoJo's Biggest Fan :)

Dear JoJo Levesque,

         You may found or have been reading some, or hundreds (or maybe thousands..!) of this similar kinds of posts or letters like mine that talks about your things...Sorry if you found this quite annoying and wasting your precious time but I'm just an ordinary person out there who can't stop admiring an extraordinary talented person like you... :)

You may not be even reading this, or notice this tiny blog entry of mine but I still want to let this out...

And maybe,
You may find this whole writing is absolutely a loads of crap from an ordinary fan like me but it means a whole wide world to me if you see this blog post...peace :)

         Firstly, I'd like to say that I'm one of your biggest fan out there...To be exact, I'm a growing teenage girl from Malaysia...hi JoJo...(^_^)"

I start liking your music since I was just 11 at that time when I first listened to your hit song, Leave (Get Out) and I started to adore your music eversince...
I'm not really following you at first but if people asked me what is my favorite music at the moment, I told them I love something from JoJo...she's my favourite type of music...
And after some years of listening and growing up through some of your hit songs, (eventhough actually your music are not really exposed to my country media through radio or tv..but thank God to Internet !!) my faith towards your music never fade and grew stronger everyday. My teen years are all about your songs that I listened to like Baby It's You, Anything, Too Little Too Late and some more songs from your previous album, The High Road. I hope someday that there will be more people around me recognizing you and realize that there is still one more super talent that they shouldn't ignore and that talent is you, JoJo :)

Hey Jo,
Thanks for the recent Agape Mixtape...

Eventhough it's not an album, it's still a bless that you're still making music because actually I thought it have been some times I didn't hear any new stuffs from you. Just couple of singles or songs that leaked on the Internet. And the recent release before the mixtape was "Disaster" that really somehow make me feel connected to the song.
At first, I thought you have gone missing but luckily you aren't. Later that I read from the web that it's just your label that hold you captive from you releasing your new stuffs. 

We can see that you are still doing your music and for that, your fans like me really appreciate it...
I know that you're still having trouble with BGR and I really hope that this will end so so soon so that you can be free to create your own pathway..I believe that you learned a lot from your life experience...
I don't know why but I'm feeling too much closer to you as a fan by this Agape mixtape, and also your previous one, Can't Take That Away From Me Mixtape...Not only your recent mixtapes but all, all of your songs since I've been admiring your music, album and singles...
I know you are being honest to your fans in doing your music and by what mean or course, your true fans will support you through thick and thin..We trust you and we will fight and stand by you...

Maybe there is really nothing that we can do for you but at least, we would like you to know that we will support you as much as we can...And your true fans will never, ever leave you... For me, your mixtapes and singles are like a story telling of you towards your fans out there...

I can feel your passion towards your music. It's something so you in there.  

It's so honest.

          I'm glad that I know such a talented singer/songwriter that is still fighting for herself and her music even after 7 years living in limbo situation...I would be so grateful if the f**king "Label" of yours, Black Ground Records would free you off their f**king contract or what so ever..
(Sorry, I didn't mean to curse but just can't help it.. >_<" )
Your fans out there and  me myself are tired enough to wait for your comeback to the world but we still believe that someday you will rise to the top..These 7 tiring years we're waiting for JoJo's next hit and have wasted just like that...

Why BGR would waste such a precious talented singer like JoJo???

WHY ???

          There are so many Hollywood celebrities out there but can I say, some of them are really good (I must say this..) but none of them are really, really multi-talented like JoJo? (hihi...just saying because i feel so..I'm no one from Hollywood either..)
She sings, she write songs, she acted...She's cool...and she's also pretty...and smart...and maybe she plays music instruments too? (
I know that I have no rights to interfere into any of BGR problems with JoJo or JoJo's manager or what ever problems you've guys been going through...
We just want new things from JoJo and I beg to please let her go, BGR...
Let her talent spread to this miserable music world...


Maybe we're not really understand what you've been through all this while but one thing for sure...JoJo, we love you !!

Ok..I think I need to stop here. If you reading this JoJo, I hope that you know that your fans really support you. We really want you to do more and more music and don't stop believing in things you worked for. God is fair, He just want you to be more extraordinary in your own way.

JoJo is The Way 

Sincerely with tonnes of love,


I'm no one but a young blogger and your biggest fan since I was 11 <3
Smile and have a nice day...

*p/s :: Sorry if you find my English kinda sucks...I'm not good in English that much since my mother tongue is not in English. But I tried my best.. Forgive me for my mistakes if any. Thank you so much for reading this !!