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"The Song In Your Heart" - A Rant Over.

Pardon me but this is not my usual entry where I used to crap a diary/story. In this entry, I'll be writing an episode review/comment/rant over: 

→ The 6x20 OUAT musical episode was a blast! I'm a happy Regal/Oncer 😊.

**Lol I never made a review/comment/rant over for any kind of show before so, this was my first time ever (since Once Upon A Time is my recent favorite tv show) and probably the last one too, so if it doesn't account into your interest, just scroll away.**
The moment that fans have been waiting for since season 3.

1) The Captain-Swan wedding moment shows how much Emma has changed over the past few years of running and putting up walls around her. She finally did it. She has brought down her armour. She opened herself to a possibility of a happy ending, eventhough there's always an evil twist somehow, or in this CS relationship, a happy beginning.

Not just some badass evil queen, she's a rock star! ✌
2) EQ was a badass performer; singing and dancing around with such a badass evil queen attitude, kicking and pushing dwarves to the wall, tossing stuff around, teasing and tearing things apart 😈. I bet she had so much fun destroying other people's happiness. Yes. Indeed she was! Another thing, she’s probably the hottest, sassiestπŸ”₯ evil queen in histories of fairytale ever written. πŸ™ #keepitregal #hashtagblessed

Wretched, conflicted soul. The Dark One in disguise/Mr Gold/Rumplestiltskin.

3) Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to hear The Dark One soaring and rhyming to the singing curse lol. And, Mr Gold/Rumple, betraying other people for the sake of his only importance is a thing that will always be his trademark. Hell no, he hasn't changed one bit 😭. 

Told ya, she's green. With envy.

4) Zelena's number has ridonculously made me laugh, πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Considering that she's the Wicked Witch of The West 🍏, her song was quite fancy and dreamy. Not even as close as badass to her evil sister, The Evil Queen 🍎. I thought her singing could be more...intimidating. But can't deny, the witch can sing her ass off, it's just a lil bit cringy πŸ˜“. That's also why she always goes “green with envy". Well, it isn't just a saying, since she’s literally green from the start. All this while, she resented her mother, Cora so much for abandoning her but decided to keep Regina instead. She hates her lil sister, Regina because Zelena thought she's far more powerful than her sister but instead of her, Regina was chosen to cast The Dark Curse by their magic teacher, Rumplestiltskin. Thus, we can say that Zelena was loaded with jealousy her whole life.

Bring it on, Queenie! πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯
5) The Evil Queen vs. The Charmings sing-off was my favorite part after the CS wedding πŸ™Œ. Did The Charmings really think by only singing could stop EQ from relishing the taste of the Dark Curse? EQ has some more evil tricks up her sleeves (who happened to found a mysterious box that ripped out the song curse), and apparently the Charmings didn't see that coming. Thanks to the envious greenie sister, apparently for her generous mysterious gift 😏.

🎢 Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! Is gonna be mine! 🍻

6) I didn't know a pirate can be so dashing handsome and singing so well! I bet Killian spent his free time onshore going to karaoke besides hooking himself into some mistresses. "REVENGE REVENGE REVENGE, IS GONNA BE MINE!" lol so dramatic for a pirate πŸ˜‚. He really cares about his lifetime vengeance seeking for the “croc” to be skinned. The “croc” he mentioned was Rumplestiltskin, who happened to cross path with him and did something unforgivable to Killian centuries ago. Btw, that dashing pose he gave at the end though. πŸ˜™ *insert woohoo emoji*

The Black Fairy with a dark quest.

7) Seriously, this Black Fairy quest to fight The Final Battle with The Savior (Emma) has to stop. I mean, duh πŸ˜’, why did she waits for centuries to finally come out make an appearance at the most epic moment of someone’s life, which was The Wedding? Why the clichΓ©? And why in the first place Fiona (The Black Fairy’s initial name) has to be a bad fairy instead of a good one πŸ˜‘? Her choice was a bad one, she thought she’s powerful enough going all dark, manipulating pure young souls just to find a savior to be killed? To save his son? Or like any other villain, it's about gaining irresistible power/magic? She can’t even accept the fact that once his baby son (Rumple) was a savior-destined-to-be. I must say that she made a foolish decision on becoming an evil fairy. Now, she has a lifetime quest to fulfill, the so called “Final Battle”, in which I predict to be a very unworthy one to the Black Fairy.

The Author, The Step Mom Regina, The Step-Step Auntie Zelena πŸ€” 
on Emma-Killian's big day.

8) Seriously, Henry the Author ✍, who has the authorial power of writing a good piece of ending for everyone, seems to be quite not-so-much-of-a-use these days. He kinda feels like a sidekick more than a centric character. His authorial power didn’t really get him to be hero-like somehow and with The Final Battle coming up, he seems to only be able to go around saying things and conveys hope to everyone. Hope that he'll do something more convincing πŸ’ͺ! Well, at least he got to be the groom’s best man for his mom’s (Emma) wedding. And with the help of The Book, Henry got to convince his mom, Emma to go up against the Black Fairy who happened to temporarily froze Emma's whole team (Snow, David, Killian, Regina, Zelena) in a spell. Atta boy! You made your mom finally sung her hero song and the spell has finally broken, yeay.

See that Mr. Book which Henry got there? Yes, that book was cordially invited too.

9) The only show I’ve seen so far that invited a hard-covered, leather binding fairytale book to a wedding! LOL. It’s the show signature. The Book has been playing quite a role in outlining these characters’ lives, so it’s kind of like a blessing for The Book to be there too, I guess πŸ˜‚.

Multi-talented Archibald Hopper.(middle)

10) Well, blessed Archie. He's not just a mere psychiatrist anymore in that small town of Storybrooke, he has now been upgraded to a marriage officiant. Well, look at how much he had been upgraded since the Dark Curse; from being a conscience cricket, he became a psychiatrist out of a curse and then now he goes around town marrying people off. Nice job 😏.

  • My rating/opinion for the musical episode:
Well πŸ˜ŒπŸ’­, in my personal opinion, it’s kinda dramatic. For the story outlining, I gave a 7⭐ out of 10. I have my own reasons to it, and one of it because of the cheesiness level. Well, probably because of the musical theme but overall, the writers and the show runners had done a good jobπŸ‘! My most favorite episode of the season goes to this one, Season 6 Episode 20 – The Song in Your Heart (Click on the link to watch this episode online, you're welcome). Also, hands up to the musical scorers and song directors for the episode, the soundtracks are lovely and story-wise 🎢. Disney-like, original new songs and catchy, just the way it should have been. 

Clink your rum, pirates! Ahoy! 🍻

Well, knowing that it will be a two-hour season finale next week, somehow I am not ready for this show to end. But at the same time, I’m reluctant for a new season. Let’s just hope that this season finale ends well for every character we adore for. #fingerscrossed

Well, I think that's all I gotta say for today's entry. That's a lot of thing to rant over. Haha.

See ya, hopefully, in my next post! ✋

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